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We use conductive polymer (plastic) elements in our potentiometer range to give over twice the life of carbon.
Information about our Company and Products is provided with technical information and drawing data as appropriate on this site.
If you require a custom or bespoke potentiometer of similar design please contact our sales office.
We welcome enquiries for a range of Radiohm potentiometer equivalents.
For mobile users we make use of omeg.tel
Our normal business hours and holiday shutdown
Castelco Logo Toggle Switch DPDT Cord Pull Switch SP Push Button Switch SP Castelco switches including the Toggle Switch, Cord pull Switch and Push button Switch are also manufactured by Omeg Limited and they are based on the original design of Castelco (UK) Limited.
Datasheets can be downloaded from http://www.castelco.co.uk

Omeg produce commercial quality potentiometers and switches and are committed to total customer satisfaction by providing a first class product and service which meets or exceeds our customer's requirements.

This information is supplied in good faith but the customer is politely reminded that it is their responsibility to check the suitability of our products for their particular application, production techniques and processes. Please note that all dimensions are for reference purposes only and, as it is the Company's policy to continuously improve our products, we reserve the right to incorporate changes without notice.